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Camtek Research Corporation is the legal entity under which I do business as a private investor, software developer and quantitative financial analyst. The web portal itself is not intended for profit. It serves for now only to provide limited information about my recent professional activity.

Visitors are free to explore this site, both for content and web application code.

I also encourage those who want more detailed information about my background and technical contributions to register through the link at right. This gives access to my C.V. and personal Wiki page.

Thanks for your interest.

- Leonard Clapp, C.E.O. and Webmaster Send Mail


May 2011

Closed-form derivative pricers completed

April 2010

Unit Testing Completed for Trading System Statistical Arbitrage Support

February 2010

This website launched

October 2009

Initial version of Trading System finished. Trading signals, automated decision rules successfully tested on out-of-sample market data, giving satisfactory equity short selling returns.